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Autumn preventive measures against hypodermatosis. In order to buy astelin online hypodermatosis in October-December, cattle are treated with systemic drugs that cause the death of stage 1 larvae in the animal body. Process all livestock in all categories of farms, including those of individual owners. Newly received animals on the farm are subjected to processing during the quarantine period, regardless of the time of year.

For the treatment of animals, registered and duly certified drugs of systemic action are used, which ensure the death of at least 99% of azelastine larvae in the body. When using drugs, they are guided by the relevant instructions for their use. Dairy cattle are treated with drugs that are not excreted in milk.

Fattening cattle are treated with drugs according to the instructions (instructions) for their use. It is not allowed to use meat and offal from animals slaughtered beforethe end of azelastine online of slaughter of animals specified in the instruction (manual).

Persons processing animals are obliged to warn owners in writing about the timing of slaughter of animals, about the procedure for selling forcedly slaughtered animals and about the responsibility of owners for violation of these requirements (clause 6.3 as amended by Order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USn Federation dated December 29, 2005 No. 239).

Identified during the examination in April-May, patients with hypodermatosis of animals are treated with drugs approved for use in the prescribed manner. The entire group (farm) in which animals with hypodermatosis are found is subjected to treatment. (clause 6.4 as amended by the Order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USn Federation of December 29, 2005 No. 239).

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The treatment of azelastine with an anti-fungal drug is carried out by a veterinarian or veterinarian. The veterinary specialist registers each treatment in a numbered log of anti-epizootic measures indicating the name, drug consumption rate, date, method of treatment. In case of forced slaughter of animals treated with the drug before the expiration of the established waiting period, the issue of using meat for feeding the population is decided in accordance with the manual (instruction) for use and the results of the veterinary and sanitary examination of astelin products.

To combat subcutaneous gadflies of cattle, Hypodectin-N is used, in which the active ingredient is ivermectin. This drug is applied from the dosing device to the back in a thin stream, gently distributing it along the spine from the withers to the sacrum, preventing dripping. Dose. for animals weighing to buy azelastine online, more than 150 kg-15 ml per animal once. Slaughter of animals for meat is allowed no earlier than 5 days after the application of Hypodectin-N. In case of forced slaughter earlier than this period, the meat can be used for food for carnivores or for processing into meat and bone meal. Milk from cows treated with Hypodectin-N is used without restrictions. Requirements for the prevention of hypodermatosis in cattle.